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Take stock NOW. for long term financial gain. - 3rd Jun 2016

Investment Property Owners are feeling wealthier in the Auckland area. With borrowing restrictions having an effect on Local Owners, Borrowing is harder and prices are just not offering a good yield on the investment?
Well.... Reduce Debt, and GET FIT
Reducing debt is never a bed thing, and with interest at all time low levels, NOW is the time to deal to debt.
GET FIT. If you tell your lending bank to change your loan repayments to an amount "as if the loan interest rate was 7.5%" you achieve three important things.

  • You repay debt sooner as rates stay lower - Real Wealth!
  • Your budget is already used to higher repayment.- You are Fit and ready!
  • You won’t be forced to sell as in a declining market.- Prices will reduce from forced sales.
Like everyone, I have a reliance on the property market for future financial growth, but, I also remember the carnage that the Global Financial Crisis caused in New Zealander. Please think this through and take action today. It’s a hard ask, but one you will never regret.

Your Property Manager.
John Leyland
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