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Is your property fully compliant? - 9th Nov 2017

On the 27th April 2017 at the Tenancy Tribunal in Dunedin, adjudicator Wilson made a ruling on a case that has sent alarm bells ringing and many think the ruling was grossly unfair.
The former tenant lodged a claim for a refund of rent after she found out that the property she was renting was not fully compliant. The landlord, Vic Inglis was oblivious that there was anything wrong. The property in question was personal and precious to the landlord. It had been the family home for 10 years. The property was in very good condition and the adjudicator acknowledges that the landlord made no attempt to avert Council laws or to exploit the tenants.
The problem arose when the tenant became aware that the downstairs part of the premises did not have a permit for the work undertaken to convert the space into living quarters.
What made the matter worse for the landlord was that the tenant only became aware of the issue when she sublet the downstairs part of the property without consent from the landlord. Mr Inglis was completely unaware that the downstairs did not have council consent as he had not got a LIM report (Land Information Memorandum) when he purchased the property over a decade ago. This was the only mistake he made but what a costly mistake to make.
In a case that seems grossly unfair, a landlord had rented a property that was in a perfectly good condition to a tenant who had breached her agreement yet not only did she get nearly $11,000 in refunded rent, she pocketed over $3,000 from subletting the property without the consent of the landlord. Unfair? We think so!

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