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Its the LAW - 15th Feb 2018

Its the LAW

Owning a rental property can be made easy when you know the LAW. Knowing the Law however is another matter. And keeping up with the changes in the law never ends.

Not knowing the law, is no excuse either, and the Tenancy Tribunal will hand out hefty fines when the tenancy laws are broken.

The solution is to either know the law or employ someone whose job involves knowing the questions to ask, which ensures that no laws are not broken.

Rental Property Management is all about the law. Every day, situations arise which begs the question, what is the legal situation here and how best can we use the law to protect all concerned?

This approach will always protect the interests of owners and tenants alike.

At our Rental Property Management  company, Propertyscouts Auckland, understanding the laws, and looking after residential tenancies within the scope of the tenancy laws will always remain paramount for us and the owners we represent.

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